Our Mission

In this "GLOBAL WARNING" period where MOTHER NATURE gives strong signs of her displeasure at being mistreated, communities will have to weave an inter-generational relationship, allowing people to work together toward a common good, which is to restore the Land.

For many centuries, Indigenous People have been building rock and stone structures on their lands to save and direct the flow of rain water runoff to where it was most needed. Working the land for them included harvesting the rain, a tradition that was lost over time.

Through their deep respect for the source and value of retained rain water, Native Americans are once again becoming leaders in guiding the flow of rainwater runoff into retaining ponds, deep aquifers and wetlands for the reintroduction of wildlife, and for irrigation to support their farming and ranching.

Encouraged by Native Elders

Waterock, L3C is sharing knowledge with Tribal leaders and Grassroots organizations

Of the ancient wisdom of skillful placement of rock formations to benefit their lands with retained rain water. This also results in the control of erosion of stream and river beds otherwise caused by the rapid flow of rain and snow melt run-off.

These water harvesting techniques are the essence of the Waterock, L3C, Workshop program which involves community leaders in erosion control procedures. It also leads to intergenerational community participation in the construction of water detention, and diversion structures.


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