Navajo Hopi Common Ground

June/July 2016- LCRWCA partnered with the The Hopi Raincatchers, Black Mesa Water Coalition and Waterock, l3c for several workshops The workshops are titled, "Using rocks to mitigate and stop erosion." The 50 attendees had the opportunity to learn different techniques of utilizing rocks to help in the reduction of soil loss, to increase vegetation cover, and…
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Training in Mexico

Waterock Training Workshops have been held on the HopiReservation as well as in northern Mexico at the San BernardinoRanch where they learned how to build “gabion's" and other ancestralrock based techniques to retain storm rain runoff! 
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Hopi Raincatchers

April 2015 - May 2016The first group of 10 young Hopi men have just completed their firstyear of land and water restoration training under the Workshoptraining program of Waterock, L3C. Their chosen designation as "Hopi Raincatchers” is proof of theirmission in which they have already restored 7 Springs in Hopilandfor agricultural and ceremonial purposes! Contact us for more details.
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