Organization of a Hopi/Navajo Youth Corps

Fall 2015 — Waterock discussions with the Little Colorado River Watershed Chapter Association (LCRWCA) to assist in the organization of a Hopi/Navajo Youth Corp focused on Watershed Restoration activities, with 3 goals: Conflict Resolution, Land Restoration and Job Creation for the youth of the 2 Tribes.
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Hopi Raincatchers at Bioshpere 2

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Summer 2015 — Hopi Raincatchers were introduced to Biosphere 2 activity of the University of Arizona and did field work at the Deep Dirt Farm Institute.

Hopi Raincatchers

Summer 2015 — Organization of the Hopi Raincatchers Team who learned in the Workshops of the forgotten ancient Hopi reliance on rock structures as rain water harvesting techniques. Through their work on stream and land restoration these young Hopi men found their identity as "Hopi Raincatchers."
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