Creation of the Land Healer Foundation

October, 2017 - Responding to recommendations by observers of the Hopi Raincatcher training of Berber youth in Morocco, the Board of Directors of Waterock, L3C accepted the challenge of formalizing this capability into a professional activity. Following months of research and exchange of ideas and experiences with indigenous leaders in many monsoon and arid climate countries,  "The Land Healers Foundation" was endorsed by the Directors of Waterock, L3C and was Incorporated in the State of Arizona. A Board of Directors comprised of knowledgeable women, mostly indigenous, was established to chart a course of action focused on the development of a profession of "Land Healers." The targets for involvement in "on-the-job", Workshop training activities to be developed on an international basis by the Land Healer Foundation, are unemployed indigenous youth, often school dropouts, with few employment skills or expectations of finding sustainable and meaningful employment, on or off their Land.