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How you can participate:

  • Purchase equity shares to help establish the financial base of this Limited Profit company. Our Business Plan and guidance for the purchase of shares indicating the details of ownership, dividends and redemption is available upon request.
  • Finance the restoration by the Hopi Rain Catchers of a Spring on Hopiland through a tax deductable gift sent in care of the American Indian Institute (501-C-3) which serves as our Fiscal Agent.
  • Support the construction of a gabion or Trincheras, or purchase Native fruit tree seedlings which will be given to elders to nurture and transplant on their Reservation.
  • Sponsor individual Workshops on Hopi or Navajo Reservations.
  • Hopi and Navajo communities can organize public events to which Waterock, L3C, would be invited to present its demonstration activities.
  • All fundraising activities or financial participation will be greatly respected.
  • We look forward to welcoming your interest and support.


Our valued participants in this activity:

The Embassy of the Earth
Embassy of the Earth

Garden Inc


Borderlands Restoration




Environmental Education Media Project


Trumpet Social Media


Cuenca Los Ojos


Deep Dirt Farm Institute

Deep Dirt Farm

Little Colorado River Watershed Chapters Association


American Indian Institute 

American Indian Institute

Contact us for sweat equity opportunities that will benefit the Workshop Program.

We look forward to welcoming your interest and support.