Creation of the Land Healer Foundation

October, 2017 - Responding to recommendations by observers of the Hopi Raincatcher training of Berber youth in Morocco, the Board of Directors of Waterock, L3C accepted the challenge of formalizing this capability into a professional activity. Following months of research and exchange of ideas and experiences with indigenous leaders in many monsoon and arid climate…
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Waterock explores possibilities in India

August 2017 - Waterock  was invited by the Embassy of the Earth a Dutch NGO, and by the Dhan Foundation in India, to participate in the devolpment of the Green River project , focused on a massive reforestation of the Gundar Basin in Tamil Nadu. The Basin represents a surface area of 3,234 hectares. Through a…
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Waterock, l3c and The Hopi Raincatchers in The Agafay Desert in Morocco #COP22

Waterock,l3c an "investor owned limited profit company" was recognized at the Good Festival 2016 Summit in Lausanne, Switzerland for its activities including the creation of a profession of Indigenous Youth "Land healers". So much available money is wasted in conferences, as opposed to creating millions of Land Healing jobs around the world. Following the Award…
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