Waterock explores possibilities in India

August 2017 - Waterock  was invited by the Embassy of the Earth a Dutch NGO, and by the Dhan Foundation in India, to participate in the devolpment of the Green River project , focused on a massive reforestation of the Gundar Basin in Tamil Nadu. The Basin represents a surface area of 3,234 hectares. Through a holistic approach, the Project will also include targeted land and water restoration activities designed to affect many watershed areas within the Basin. Skilled and well experienced  Dhan Foundation Teams have during the past 25 years have  Impacted Poverty through Water Security  activities focused on encouraging farmers to accept the importance of restarting ancient water retention Tank systems. This is seen as assuring their access between Monsoon rains to clean water for their families, livestock, and field crop irrigation. 750 existing Tank systems, most not functioning, but all reflecting ancient water reservoir technology, will be rehabilitated in this 5 year long effort.

An interesting parallel activity will be the introduction of a team of Hopi youth, known as "Raincatchers", by the U.S. based, International, "Land Healers Foundation". They will be involved in an exchange of traditional ways of land and water restoration practices with members of Dhan Foundation Teams and locally involved farm family youth. This exchange will also have far reaching cultural value to all of the involved youth as they recognize with new found respect the similarities of ancient water restoration techniques, and the economic and health benefits associated with these generally long forgotten indigenous engineering experiences.

Among her community focused activities, Laurence de Bure President of Waterock helped the “Women of the Forest”, indigenous women living in villages in forested areas, to understand the propagation value of seed balls, and instructed the women in their preparation.